Appointments Are Easy With Sedation in Massapequa Park

You may feel good about going to the dental office for a cleaning or other routine care. However, you still may have some anxiety about gum disease treatment or replacing lost teeth with dental implants. This is both understandable and manageable with sedation in Massapequa Park, NY. You can:

  • Stay calm and relaxed throughout your visit
  • Achieve your smile goals while saying relaxed
  • Block sights, sounds, or smells that make you uncomfortable
  • Get the treatments you need without fear or stress

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Put Your Mind at Ease During Any Procedure

You don’t need to feel nervous when getting periodontal care or oral surgery. Sedation dentistry makes your treatment less stressful and easier to complete. At Sunrise Periodontics & Implant Dentistry, we make it easy to get the care you need. You’ll find sedation dentistry option that will meet every level of dental fear and anxiety.

You can choose from:

  • Laughing Gas – Feel calm when you breathe nitrous oxide (laughing gas) through a mask. It works quickly and wears off fast, without the grogginess that is common with other sedation options.
  • IV Sedation – Like laughing gas, this takes effect quickly and can be adjusted as needed to keep you in a relaxed state. This is particularly good for patients who have high anxiety or who are undergoing more lengthy procedures. You should arrange for someone else to drive you home with this option, since it can affect alertness for a short time after it wears off.
  • Local Anesthetic – This can be used to numb hard and soft tissues. We often use it in combination with other kinds of sedation. Our gentle technique makes for minimal discomfort.

You’ll also benefit from your periodontist’s use of the latest dental technology. For example, Dr. Price uses 3-D CBCT scans to plan complex procedures and laser dentistry for more comfortable gum treatments. This is our way of investing in your care and ensuring a comfortable experience.

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