Get Pain-Free Care With Laser Dentistry in Massapequa Park

You want your gums to remain as healthy as possible. Yet, gum disease is one of the leading causes of lost teeth in the United States. Periodontal disease results from toxins produced by bacteria, which affect your gums and teeth.  To get your mouth back in shape, Dr. Price can use laser dentistry in Massapequa Park, NY, which offers multiple benefits:

  • Practically painless appointments
  • No need for drilling
  • Softens tartar for easy removal
  • Shorter recovery time
  • Fewer dental visits

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Act Now to Protect Your Healthy Smile

Gum disease is both a common and serious dental problem. According to the Centers for Disease Control, significant numbers of adults over 30 years old have this condition, and your risk only increases with age. Gum infections can contribute to bone loss, gum recession, and other concerns.

Early treatment of periodontal issues can make your care much simpler. Using the BIOLASE®, we can make repairs to your gums in a minimally invasive way. Compared to traditional gum surgery, laser dentistry offers other clear benefits:

  • Gently removes infected gum tissue
  • Preserves more of your healthy tissue
  • Seals your gums without the need for stitches
  • More comfortable treatment for you

We have treated countless patients who have periodontal disease with our lasers. Even so, we know that you may have some anxiety about this kind of appointment. We can provide you with peace of mind. Ask how our dental sedation can help you relax and ensure you are pain-free during your procedure.

Beautify Your Smile With Cosmetic Solutions

Laser dentistry doesn’t just help make periodontal care more comfortable, it can also improve your smile. We use lasers to perform numerous cosmetic treatments:

  • Gum Reshaping – We gently reshape the gum line to lengthen the appearance of your teeth, fix an overly-visible gumline, or reshape an uneven gumline. It reveals greater tooth surface area to create a better tooth-to-gum balance.
  • Teeth Whitening – We use our laser to expedite the whitening process, taking your smile several shades lighter in under an hour.
  • Frenectomy – This gentle laser procedure eliminates a short or tight muscle attachment between the upper lip and gums, or tongue and floor of the mouth.

Laser treatment can reduce your number of visits and minimize the need for anesthetic. These procedures may also get you back to enjoying a healthy, gorgeous smile in no time!

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